Your data is worth money!

Data is the new gold, right? Then doesn’t it makes sense that the gold goes to the people who make their data available?

When we generate revenu thanks to your data, you deserve to be compensated since now you have become a supplier of data. And in every healthy business model, a company pas their suppliers. And so do we.

But don’t worry, you will always have control over who gets access to your data. You call the shots!

Karamel - Data is money
We share our profit with you

More data = more money

How does this work?

Whenever a company is interested in your anonymous profile, you get a request asking to get access to your entire profile. If you accept this request, the company gets access to your profile and you receive a fee for this ‘transaction’.

Get a return on your personal investment!

A profile with more data is more valuable and will thus receive a higher fee from companies.

In other words: when you invest more in yourself (by taking assessments for example), your profile increases in value and thus a faster pay back time of your ‘investment’. So now self development no longer costs you money but earns you money. Fun, right?

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