Karamel - Talent Pools

What are 'Talent Pools'?

Companies can create extensie profile description on our platform (containing hard skills, soft strenghts, values, team roles, …). A talent pool is the collection of everyone that matches with this profile description.

Thanks to our talent pool system, you can now find out whether or not you quality for the job you’ve been dreaming about without you need to apply for the job. We also tell you in what fields you might need to improve yourself to become the perfect candidate.

The advantages

Karamel - Advantage 1
1. Know what jobs you qualify for

When you want to find out whether or not you qualify for a job, you need to apply for that job. Thanks to our talent pools, that is no longer necessary because we show you what jobs you qualify for.

Karamel - Advantage 2
2. Build your future

We match you with every talent pool in our system and tell you why there’s a match or why not. This way you know perfectly what skills you need to improve in order to qualify for your the job of your dreams.

Karamel - Advantage 3
3. Discover new opportunities.

Do you want to start a new career? Thanks to our talent pools you know exactly what profiles companies are looking for and where new opportunities can be discovered.

Karamel - Anonymous

It's all about anonymity!

Your profile is always anonymous in our talent pools. This gives you a lot of advantages:

  1. Freedom

    The anonymity gives you the freedom to develop your career and to start looking for new opportunities.

  2. No discrimination

    We show companies only relevant information about you and no personal data. This way we prevent that you get discriminated by companies based on your age, gender, heritage,… Everyone gets the same opportunities. 

  3. You decide

    If interested, companies send you a request to view your entire profile. You can deny or accept this request in one click.

  4. Sell your own data

    If you decide to accept a request from a company, you get paid. And the more data your profile contains, the more valuable it becomes.

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