Map out your career

You are improving your skills and competences continuously. Unfortunately, small changes don’t get noticed easily. But a minor improvement every day results in a big improvement in the long run!

We offer you the tools to map out your career and these small improvements so you can visualize your unique growth path.

Karamel - jouw carrière
Karamel - Get to know yourself

Get to know the real you

It’s almost always right until the end of a job application procedure that you have to take an assessment. Unfortunately, you rarely get to see the results of these assessments upon which you are being judged.

We strongly believe that everything starts with self knowledge and thus with assessments. So, with us you take these assessments at the start of an application procedure instead of the end. This way you only have to take them once!

We already have selected the best assessments that are currently being used and offer them to you on our platform.

You're in control

You can manage every aspect from you career in one place: your karamel account. And you decide who gets access to it.

Your profile will always be anonymous to the outside world, unless of course you give your explicit permission for it to be deanonimized.

Karamel - Anoniem matchen

“Successful and happy people all have one thing in common:
they seize every opportunity to develop themselves and grow as a person.”

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