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Our mission

It’s our mission to become one platform that uses technology to empower people to become more self aware while guiding them throughout their entire career, supported by a business model that shares its revenue with our users.

Our ‘infinite goal’ is to give everyone the opportunity to develop
themselves and to find a job that brings them the most satisfaction and happiness in life.

We are Karamel

Karamel - Arnaud Deveugle
Arnaud Deveugle
Karamel - Brecht Van Craen
Brecht Van Craen

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Karamel One BV



The name ‘Karamel’ doesn’t originate from the heated sugar, but is derived from ‘Mount Carmel’ in Israël. People used to visit this mountain in search of wisdom, answers and happiness. Legend says that even the Greek mathematician Pythagoras visited this mountain hoping to find wisdom. And that is exactly what we want to be: a place where everyone can find insights and (professional) happiness. Hence Karamel.

And why the extension ‘.one’ you ask? Well, Karamel is one central place where you can manage your entire career. And also because the domain ‘karamel.one’ was still available. But it’s mostly because of the first reason *cough*.