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Karamel is your personal digital career platform that enables you to take control over your own career and is a place where companies pay YOU to get in touch with you.

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Karamel - Get to the top

Discover the real you

Selfknowledge and self development are the keys to a happy and successful career!

Map out your career
1. Map out your career

Your career is dynamic, your resume isn’t. We offer you great tools to create a dynamic map of your career.

2. Get to know yourself

Take assessments at your own pace and receive interesting tips & tricks from us to help you boost your career.

You're in control
3. You're in control

Manage your entire career from one place and decide yourself who gets access to your data.

We share our profit with you

We share our revenue with you

We rewrite the rules!

When we generate revenue based on your data, you get a slice of the pie. Because without your efforts, there wouldn’t be any revenue in the first place. Makes sense, right?

Get matched anonymously with talent pools

We match your ANONYMOUS  profile with our talent pools.

Now, you no longer have to apply for a job to find out whether or not you’re right for the job.

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And get 10€ in credits as a gift when we launch the platform.